November 25, 2005

Brined Turkey with a Fresh Herb Compound Butter and Maple Glaze

I brined the turkey overnight, then slid a compound butter under the skin. The cavity was stuffed with fresh herbs, a lemon, apple, and onion roughly chopped then heated in the microwave. The last hour I basted the skin with maple syrup to give the bird a sheen and glaze. The menu also included a fresh cranberry sauce, yeast rolls, green beans, roasted brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar, cornbread sausage and apple dressing, whipped potatoes, and pan gravy.

My Mother's wedding china and my Grandmother's silver made their debut, and I'm pretty proud of the results.

This site is coming soon, and I'm excited to get started posting some content. The site will start as a promotional tool for my forthcoming book and work to fan my culinary fire. One day, I hope that it turns into a place where other "part time chefs" will visit and share memories and tips.

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I'm not a baker, but I can manage a pie.

Not bad for the eighth or ninth pie ever. The edge is a maple leaf cutter inherited from my Mother in Law. Her pastry was better, but I'm sure this one would pass inspection. Posted by Picasa