March 30, 2006

Part Time Chef on Emeril Live

Part Time Hits the Big Time
FoodTV is certainly a Big Time icon for most of us Foodies, and no matter what your opinion of the content you have to acknowledge the scope of their influence. They may be huge, but they sure are large. I spent last weekend in New York taping the Halloween special for Emeril Live. Yes, I said the Halloween special. We were scheduled to finish up on September 12th, but Katrina hit and thoughts of "specials" were abandoned. I entered a recipe contest last Summer and was one of four winners to tape a segment at home, then travel to the FoodTV studios to do the "Live" portion. The show will air in October. I smuggled a small film camera into the studio and I'll post some additional photos and a little insight into how a big operation like Emeril Live operates. Until then, try for some additional photos and info.