February 12, 2006

Birthday Cake with Bittersweet Chocolate Frosting Filled With Milk Chocolate Whipped Cream

This is only my second serious attempt at a cake, so I'm by no means an expert. Here are some of the "tricks of the trade" I found useful.

  • Put a parchment circle in the bottom of each of the pans.
  • When cool, slice the layers in half with a large serrated knife and put paper between the now four layers.
  • Stack the layers together and wrap them in two layers in of foil.
  • Freeze the cake overnight. Brush the crumbs from the frozen cake with a pastry brush.
  • Use "Piping Gel" to stabilize the whipped cream.
  • When assembling the cake use a cardboard circle the same diameter of the cake.

  • Rewrap the assembled cake and freeze again if you have time.
  • The exterior is also stabilized whipped cream with bittersweet chocolate.
Line the display platter with strips of parchment (or wax) paper.
  • Set the cake in place and carefully remove the paper, leaving the plate perfectly clean.

Use a vegetable peeler to curl chocolate for a garnish.

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